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Hello, hi, good day! Welcome to my blog.

As the tin says, my name is Melissa. I am from Gibraltar and

live in London, working in the Big City. When I am not doing that I take some time to travel, cook, and meet new dogs. If there are any fellow London bloggers out there, lets be friends

Travelling is my chaos within my routine. I don't particularly mind the 9-5 work life as I am a creature of habit, but every so often I feel like I need a change of environment, and travelling is the perfect response to this. Sometimes you really just need to get lost and wander. 

So it has taken me a long time, but after years of blogging on and off, I decided to push myself and my hobby a little further and combine it with my love of travelling and dogs, et voilà!  

On my blog you will find a collection of all my adventures and all things I find interesting. This would include wine, dogs, (obviously) and cooking - so from time to time I may throw in a recipe post or two.   

You can find me in real time on Instagram for the most part. Feel free to follow me there, and be sure to subscribe to my emails!

Happy Wandering!

Founder of The Wanderella


Lilybelle, or Bells for short, is an 8 year old Poodle and a graduate of Barkology and Food Analysis, from the prestigious Fluffingtons Academy. She graduated with first class honours and currently resides in little Gibraltar with her Granny.

Most of her days are spent lounging on the terrace soaking up the rays. Other times she’s whiling away the hours running around the beach, or waiting patiently for her granny to finish cooking something tasty. She enjoys long walks, though most times she ends up needing to be carried as her ‘little legs can’t take her too far,’ and stealing socks. However when she’s not doing any of those exhilarating things, she likes to vocalise her opinion on important matters, like food.


Some of her favourite things include, olives, cheese, and naps in the sun. She is a guest blogger on The Wanderella.

Head of Communications & Naps